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Abstract Twenty-six clients who received 10 weeks of either attachment-based family therapy or individual emotion-focused therapy for unresolved anger toward a parent were interviewed six months after completing treatment. Interviews were analyzed using the consensual qualitative research approach. Clients in both conditions reported improved relationships with parents, gaining a new perspective of their parent, increased […]

Dr. Levenson talks about her transition from personality and social psychology to clinical psychology, her use of video recording in psychotherapy and supervision, her clinical work as couples counselor, advice to new therapists, and how teaching energizes her. Hanna Levenson, Ph.D. Dr. Levenson is an expert in time-limited dynamic, emotionally-focused, relational psychotherapy. She is a […]

Dr. Greensburg talks about his career transition from engineering to psychology, studying emotion at a time when it was not a part of mainstream psychology, Emotion-Focus Therapy and affect theory, developing a healthful career as a psychotherapist, and observational research in psychotherapy. About Leslie Greenberg, Ph.D. Dr. Greenberg is a psychologist and one of the […]

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