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Psychotherapists Face-to-Face with Dr. Leslie Greenberg

Internet Editor’s Note: Psychotherapists Face-to-Face is a series presented by the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy, Division 29 of the American Psychological Association, featuring leading psychotherapists in the field of psychotherapy. Each interview provides a revealing personal portrait of how the leaders in psychotherapy think, practice, and view the field.

Dr. Greensburg talks about his career transition from engineering to psychology, studying emotion at a time when it was not a part of mainstream psychology, Emotion-Focus Therapy and affect theory, developing a healthful career as a psychotherapist, and observational research in psychotherapy.

About Leslie Greenberg, Ph.D.

Dr. Greenberg is a psychologist and one of the primary developers of Emotion-Focused Therapy for individuals and couples. He is a professor of psychology at York University in Toronto, Ontario and Directs the Emotion-Focused Therapy Clinic and the York University Psychotherapy Research Center.

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