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Apr 7, 2024

Call to adventure In March 2023, Hanna Levenson, one of my colleagues at the Wright Institute, invited Alex Vaz and Tony Rousmaniere, the dynamic duo of Sentio Counseling Center (SCC), to do a 6-hour training on deliberate practice and the Sentio Supervision Model (SSM) for our community. They were looking for volunteers to be in […]

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In this introductory article we provide a brief overview of what Deliberate Practice is and why it matters for psychotherapists. We then present the Sentio Supervision Model, a 7-step Deliberate Practice supervision approach developed by the Sentio Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) program that helps trainers integrate comprehensive skill building into clinical supervision. What is […]

“Evidence-Based” Training? Research is important in the scientific field of psychotherapy, where we like to think of ourselves as “scientist-practitioners” who provide “evidence-based practice” (Overholser, 2012). However, when it concerns our professional training, this research emphasis appears to be conveniently forgotten.  Therapists tend to spend many hours of their career in professional training, not only […]

“Do that scale again.” “Do that fingering transition again.” “Let me hear that again.”  Even if the scale was correct, it had to be done…again. As a novice musician, the word, “again,” became synonymous with repetitive practice. Practice for the sake of practice, because practice makes perfect. I (voice of 3rd author; true story) had […]

Oct 28, 2016

Domain Note: The Role of Deliberate Practice across the Professional Lifespan The Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy Education and Training Committee is excited to be providing a series of articles on the role of deliberate practice (DP) in the development of highly effective psychotherapists. The initial article (Love, Davis, & Callahan, 2016) focused on […]

“The humble man makes room for progress; the proud man believes he is already there.” Ed Parker (1983) In their series of articles, Tracey and colleagues (Tracey, Wampold, Goodyear, & Lichtenberg, 2015; Tracey, Wampold, Lichtenberg, & Goodyear, 2014) explore barriers psychotherapists face in developing expertise. Specifically, Tracey et al. (2014, 2015) noted that psychotherapists often (a) […]

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