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Part One: Foundational Issues The informed consent process is an essential component of ethical, legal, and clinically effective practice by psychotherapists. Yet, how we engage in this process can have significant implications for the unfolding professional relationship and for the assessment, treatment, or other professional services provided. This is the first of four consecutive articles […]

As licensed professionals, psychologists are obligated to serve in their professional roles and to carry out their professional duties and responsibilities in an ethical manner. We have a fiduciary duty to our clients that requires that all decisions made, and all actions taken, are motivated by and in keeping with our clients’ best interests (Jorgenson […]

Abstract This introductory article to the special section on ethics in psychotherapy highlights the challenges and ethical dilemmas psychotherapists regularly face throughout their careers, and the limits of the American Psychological Association Ethics Code in offering clear guidance for how specifically to respond to each of these situations. Reasons for the Ethics Code’s naturally occurring […]