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Socratic questioning is a transtheoretical omnipresent psychotherapeutic process (Overholser, 2018; Waltman et al., 2020). The notion that corrective learning is essential to psychological healing and growth stems back to the origins of psychotherapy (Alexander & French, 1946); this phenomenon is commonly called the corrective emotional experience (Alexander & French, 1946; Yalom, 1995). From an integrative […]

Pre-practicum (PP) supervision is counseling trainees’ first introduction to the tremendously complex and comprehensive process of supervision. Supervision is vital for counseling trainees’ professional development as it is one of their first steps towards the development of competence as psychotherapists and lays the groundwork for subsequent training (Hatcher & Lassiter, 2007; Hill et al., 2007). […]

My name is Erin, and I am working towards my doctorate degree in counseling psychology. I was drawn to this field because of my interest in the complex identities that shape the human experience. Each identity we hold creates a unique perspective through which we view the world. In some aspects, our identities are easily […]