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I’m deeply honored and humbled to receive the Division 29 Student Excellence in Teaching/Mentorship Award. Teaching and mentoring students has been one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had as a graduate student. Yet, as a student, it still feels incredibly odd to be asked to write about my teaching/mentorship experiences. As graduate students, I […]

This past December, Dr. Jeffrey Barnett stepped down from his leadership role as Publications Chair of the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy. Dr. Barnett has been instrumental in the mentorship, guidance, and friendship he has bestowed to me. In reflecting over the past four years of knowing and working with him, I found myself […]

Like many, I typically associate the start of a new year with themes of resolutions, change, and looking ahead to what lies in store for the coming year. This was particularly relevant for me this past New Year, as it marked the start of my time serving as the Early Career Domain Representative for the […]

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When Early Career Psychologists (ECPs) are asked what they want from the professional organizations to which they belong, the answer almost always includes “mentorship.” Yet, mentoring programs can be difficult to get moving off the ground. Perhaps one reason for this is that while it sounds simple in theory, mentorship is actually a complicated endeavor […]

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