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A Horse Race … Psychological treatments that are intended to be fully therapeutic and that are provided by trained professionals (bona fide psychotherapy; Wampold & Imel, 2015; Wampold et al., 2011) have been found to be effective compared to no-treatment and treatment-as-usual for individuals who suffer from a number of disorders, including anxiety and depression […]

In 2007, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommended that health care consumers be granted access to provider performance data to inform treatment decisions. Theoretically, access to performance data would encourage patients to compare individual clinicians and preferentially choose the best performing clinician in a particular area of need or geographic location. This recommendation relies on […]

Swift and Callahan (2010) have recently published an intriguing empirical study of patient preference regarding psychotherapy. Adult outpatients were asked to indicate how much certainty of improvement (a la RCT efficacy research) they would be willing to trade in favor of “common factors” variables such as a therapist who is empathic, experienced, listens well, or […]