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Teaching and Learning Evidence-Based Relationships

Interviews with the Experts


The following video series titled, Teaching and Learning Evidence-Based Relationships: Interviews with the Experts is brought to you by The Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy/APA Division 29 and is a companion project to the third edition of Psychotherapy Relationships that Work. The overall goal of the project is to translate relationship research to teaching and learning, from the classroom context to clinical supervision. The videos that follow consist of interviews with experts on different aspects of the therapeutic relationship and how to apply relationship research to clinical training and are appropriate for supervisors, instructors, and students.

Director/Coordinator: Rayna D. Markin

Series Coordinator: Michael Constantino


James Boswell

Gary Burlingame

Michael Constantino

Valentin Escudero

Catherine Eubanks

Barry Farber

Christoph Fluckiger

Clara Hill

Paul Peluso

Georgiana Shick Tryon

Rayna D. Markin, PhD, received her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park and is currently an associate professor in counseling at Villanova University and a licensed psychologist with a private practice (https://www.therapistsinphiladelphia.com/meet-us/rayna-markin/). Her research and clinical work focus on psychotherapy from a relational-attachment perspective for individuals and couples coping with fertility struggles and pregnancy loss. She is the author of the new book Psychotherapy for Pregnancy Loss: Applying Relationship Science to Clinical Practice, and co-author of the book Attachment in Group Psychotherapy. Through her clinical writing and practice, Dr. Markin has developed an attachment-based experiential and trauma-informed approach to treating the psychological effects of pregnancy loss, as demonstrated in the new American Psychological Association (APA) Therapy Demonstration video on psychotherapy for pregnancy loss. Dr. Markin has over 40 published articles, books, and book chapters on the psychotherapy relationship and psychotherapy for pregnancy loss, recurrent pregnancy loss, pregnancies after loss, and fetal terminations due to genetic anomaly. She is associate editor of the APA journal Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, and Training. Dr. Markin is frequently interviewed in the media on topics related to pregnancy loss and infertility. She has held several leadership positions in Division 29 of the APA and served on the Third Interdivisional APA Task Force on evidence-based relationships and responsiveness.

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