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Professional practice guidelines (PPGs) are intended to promote a high level of professional practice and serve as an educational resource, providing pragmatic guidance in a clinical area for psychologists. Measurement-based care (MBC) is an evidence-based psychological practice with accumulating empirical support and alignment with patient-centered care. In connection with the American Psychological Associations Advisory Committee for Measurement-based Care and the Mental and Behavioral Health Registry, this article outlines various lines of support for the development and implementation of an MBC PPG. In addition to research evidence, we address the demonstrated need of this guideline across three domains: public benefit, professional guidance, and legal and regulatory issues. Consistent with the aspirational spirit of a PPG, this article proposes a draft PPG statement and highlights how an MBC PPG would improve service delivery, facilitate implementation of an evidence-based practice associated with symptom reduction, improved retention, and greater patient satisfaction, as well as create a framework that will better align changes in reimbursement models with patientsand providerstreatment goals. We also identify key future directions and critical gaps in MBC science and implementation that require attention.


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Boswell, J. F.,  Hepner, K. A.,  Lysell, K.,  Rothrock, N. E.,  Bott, N., Childs, A. W.,  Douglas, S., Owings-Fonner, N.,  Wright, C. V., Stephens, K. A.,  Bard, D. E., Aajmain, S., & Bobbitt, B. L. (2023). The Need for a Measurement-Based Care Professional Practice Guideline.Psychotherapy, 60 (1), 1-16. doi:10.1037/pst0000464



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