2017 Society Awards – Call for Nominations


Distinguished Psychologist Award

The APA Division of Psychotherapy invites nominations for its 2017 Distinguished Psychologist Award, which recognizes lifetime contributions to psychotherapy, psychology, and the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy.

Deadline is April 30, 2017. All items must be sent electronically. Letters of nomination outlining the nominee’s credentials and contributions (along with the nominee’s CV) should be emailed to the Chair of the Professional Awards Committee, Dr. Armand Cerbone, at

For more information about this award, please visit: Distinguished Psychologist Award for Contributions to Psychology and Psychotherapy

Distinguished Contributions to Teaching and Mentoring 

The Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy (Division 29 of APA) invites nominations for its 2017 Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching and Mentoring, which honors a member of the division who has contributed to the field of psychotherapy through the education and training of the next generation of psychotherapists.

Both self-nominations and nominations of others will be considered. The nomination packet should include:

1) a letter of nomination describing the individual’s impact, role, and activities as a mentor;

2) a vitae of the nominee; and,

3) three letters of reference for the mentor, written by students, former students, and/or colleagues who are early career psychologists. Letters of reference for the award should describe the nature of the mentoring relationship (when, where, level of training), and an explanation of the role played by the mentor in facilitating the student or colleague’s development as a psychotherapist. Letters of reference may include, but are not limited to, discussion of the following behaviors that characterize successful mentoring: providing feedback and support; providing assistance with awards, grants and other funding; helping establish a professional network; serving as a role model in the areas of teaching, research, and/or public service; giving advice for professional development (including graduate school postdoctoral study, faculty and clinical positions); and treating students/colleagues with respect.

Deadline is January 31, 2017. All items must be sent electronically. The letter of nomination must be emailed to the Chair of the Professional Awards Committee, Dr. Armand Cerbone, at

For more information, please visit Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching and Mentoring

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