Psychotherapy for Pregnancy Loss: A Relational Perspective Training

Division 29 is proud to announce a training on

Psychotherapy for Pregnancy Loss: A Relational Perspective

Who: Rayna Markin, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Associate Professor in Counseling, Villanova University

When: Friday, May 10th 12:00 PM Eastern US time

What: Pregnancy loss is a relatively common event that often leads to long-term and intense psychosocial consequences and yet little clinical guidance exists for clinicians working with clients coping with such losses. In this webinar, Dr. Rayna D. Markin will review types and rates of pregnancy loss and common psychological consequences for bereaved parents, including anxiety, depression, complicated grief, and post-traumatic stress. Moving beyond a symptomatic fo-cus, this webinar will focus on the deeper level psychological effects of pregnancy loss, including unresolved trauma and loss and dam-age to healthy self-esteem and identity. Based on her new book, Psychotherapy for Pregnancy Loss: Applying Relationship Science to Clinical Practice, Dr. Markin will discuss how the therapist-patient relationship can be used as mechanism to help patients affected by pregnancy loss to resolve and grow from reproductive trauma and loss and restore healthy self-esteem.

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This training is appropriate for students, early career professionals, and more experienced clinicians!

Free registration and one Continuing Education Credit for members of the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy-APA Division 29. Join the Society for $40 to gain access. Click here to join. Students can also apply for a free membership with a coupon code.

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