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Division 29 is proud to announce a training on Psychotherapy for Pregnancy Loss: A Relational Perspective Who: Rayna Markin, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Associate Professor in Counseling, Villanova University When: Friday, May 10th 12:00 PM Eastern US time What: Pregnancy loss is a relatively common event that often leads to long-term and intense psychosocial consequences and […]

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Multicultural Suicide Risk Assessment Webinar Featuring Sherry Molock, Ph.D. Hosted by the Early Career Professionals Domain of APA Div. 29 Wanting a continuing education opportunity that will really improve the way you do suicide assessments? Look no further, Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy has you covered. About the Webinar Suicides have tragically increased in recent years, especially among minoritized youth. […]

Recent research shows an  increasing level of distress concerning the climate and environmental crisis (Leiserowitz et al, 2022; Hickman, 2021). This workshop will illuminate the broader context of this crisis, including the embedded sociocultural factors that differentially affect communities and individuals.  We will discuss ways that climate distress, grief and anxiety are showing up clinically, as well […]

 How to select the best therapeutic approach is what mental health clinicians have searched for in the past, are engaging in the present, and will continue to advance in the future. In addition to experts or authorities, more effective practices rely on strong research evidence. Therefore, it is necessary to pay great attention to evidence-basedpractice […]

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