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You don’t need us to tell you this, but graduate school is a very challenging, demanding, and stressful time. While it hopefully is one of the most exciting, stimulating, and invigorating times of your life, you also must contend with stressors associated with being a graduate student as well as those in your personal life, […]

The Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy (APA Division 29) is offering a FREE 2022 student membership to 300 graduate students. Please let the students in your program know about this opportunity! The memberships will be for the calendar year 2022, and are digital-access.  Students must be enrolled in graduate courses in psychology or in […]

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new challenges on a global scale. The virus emerged in late 2019 and has continued to impact the world and United States greatly. Like many institutions, universities were required to transition to a work-from-home model. Psychology doctoral programs were impacted by this change, such that many trainees began conducting teletherapy […]

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