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Oct 31, 2021

In recent years there has been a huge shift from mental hospitals to home care for individuals with long-term mental illness. The shift from hospitals to homes has resulted in transferring responsibilities for the day-to-day care of patients to their family members (caregivers), resulting in family members assuming the role of nurse, counselor, advocate, and […]

Background Information Prevalence of mental disorders among college students is comparable to that of non-students of the same age, and these disorders are increasing in number and severity (Blanco et al., 2008). Among African American college students, the underutilization of mental health services is especially prevalent. Adult African Americans are 10% more likely to report experiencing serious […]

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Schizophrenia is a disabling, chronic psychiatric disorder that occurs in approximately 1% of the population (Goldner, Hsu, Waraich & Somers, 2002; Mueser & Jeste, 2008). It has severe consequences for patients with the disorder, as well as their caregivers who often present with high levels of psychological distress (Awad & Voruganti, 2008). In addition to […]

Abstract Across two continents, Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBT-P) has been endorsed as an adjunctive treatment for individuals who experience persistent positive symptoms of schizophrenia. The moderate effect sizes reported in early studies and reviews were followed by better controlled studies indicating more limited effect sizes. This article provides a review of the literature that […]

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