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The association between the therapeutic alliance and outcome is now well-established and widely known (Flückiger et al., 2018), highlighting a need to better understand the factors that influence the quality of the alliance. Thinking around therapists’ capacities to establish and maintain the alliance has grown increasingly sophisticated, as researchers have long-investigated ruptures and repairs in […]

Oct 30, 2019

Like other helping professions (e.g., physical health service providers), psychotherapists are expected to serve clients without expecting anything in return (Guy, 2000). Although the helping within psychotherapy is unidirectional, therapy involves a bidirectional flow in which the client and the therapist impact each other (Kottler, 2010). The role of a psychotherapist departs from other helping […]

Abstract The use of outcome monitoring systems to identify clients that are at-risk for treatment failure has now become part of daily clinical practice, shown in 25 empirical studies to improve client outcomes. These promising findings have led to outcome monitoring systems being recognized as evidence-based. Feedback systems based on client perception of therapeutic processes […]