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2017 Bulletin Editors’ Column 52(4)

Psychotherapy Bulletin Editors’ Note: Please visit to experience the piece in its original format and hear Dr. Gaztambide read his words.

Welcome to the final issue of Psychotherapy Bulletin for 2017. This is a rich issue, and includes the final pieces in our “Difficult Dialogue” series, on powerful topics ranging from microaggressions in psychotherapy to self care and the difficulty of saying “no” to navigating politics in therapy sessions to responding to genocide; make sure and check out Dr. Daniel Jose Gaztambide’s “Heroes of the Heart” piece at the beginning of this issue and online ( For more on moving from “Difficult Dialogues” to Courageous Conversations,” please see Associate Editor Cara Jacobson’s Column in this issue.

Other topics of interest to our readership include pieces on intern wisdom, graduate stress and cohort cohesion, tips for preparing high quality manuscripts, social justice advocacy in early career, and an article on ethical practice for members of the “millennial” generation by Maria Hochuli and Dr. Jeff Barnett.

Speaking of Dr. Barnett, please take a moment to read Dr. Jean Carter’s tribute in this issue (“Thank You, Dr. Barnett”), and feel free to add your own comments to the article online. We would also like to thank all of our outgoing Domain Representatives and governance members, with a special expression of gratitude to outgoing SAP President Jeff Zimmerman for his support and service over the past year.

We anticipate 2018 holding many opportunities, changes, and challenges—and we hope you will be a part of our journey here at Psychotherapy Bulletin. Our submission guidelines can be found online (, and we would love to hear from you!  

Lynett Henderson Metzger, JD, PsyD
Psychotherapy Bulletin Editor
office: (303) 871-4684

Cara Jacobson, PsyD
Psychotherapy Bulletin Associate Editor
phone: (443) 520-2036

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