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I am writing to you today about the 2024 SAP elections, which are soon approaching, to announce our 2024 SAP candidates!
Voting begins April 15th. You will receive your ballot via email, from APA. Please be on the lookout at that time. In the meantime, please review the candidates’ statements here!
Thanks to our SAP leaders who have agreed to run for positions and to contribute their time and talents. We will be in good hands with any leaders from this group!
Interested in reading the work published by our candidates and learning more about them? Click their name to be brought to their bio page!


View statement here

Joshua Swift, PhD

Barbara L. Vivino, PhD



View statement here

Gerald P. Koocher, PhD, LP, ABPP

Ken Critchfield, PhD


Domain Representative for Psychotherapy Practice

View statement here

Amy Ellis, PhD

Arlene (Lu) Steinberg PsyD


Domain Representative for Education and Training

View statement here

Erica Marshall-Lee, PhD, ABPP, ABSMIP

Eric Sauer, PhD


Domain Representative for Membership

View statement here

Jairo Fuertes, PhD

Firouz Ardalan, PhD


Member-At-Large: Diversity

View statement here

Changming Duan, PhD


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