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Life, and the mind, are puzzles.  “Trying to understand life” goes way back. The Chinese Taoists said life is a flow, a way, and the best life is one that follows the way.  A little obscure, but somehow plausible.  The Confucians basically said to be a good person, follow the rules, and do the right […]

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Psychotherapy termination is that moment in which therapists and clients say goodbye (or “call me if you need me”). As part of the first author’s doctoral dissertation, we conducted a research study in which we asked former clients about their treatment. Surprisingly, when clients were asked about their treatment, many started the recount by addressing […]

One of the monastery’s old monks had become a hermit living deep in the mountains, a two-and-a-half day hike over difficult mountain paths. Many visitors made the trek to receive advice and teachings from the old man. He was reputed to have an uncanny ability to know just what each visitor needed. Prior to giving […]

One of the primary goals of most forms of psychotherapy is to reduce the suffering or distress that clients experience. However, various orientations often differ in how they frame that goal – some focusing more on symptom reduction, others on insight, and still others on personal growth. Clients may also differ in the way that […]

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