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by | Aug 6, 2017 | Public Policy

Continuing Progress at the State Level On April 3, 2017, Idaho became the fifth state in the nation to allow prescriptive authority to psychologists. After three years of work by the Idaho Psychological Association, the legislation passed both houses without opposition and with only two nay votes. How did this happen? Here are a few […]

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by | Oct 7, 2016 | Public Policy

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) The VA is the largest employer of psychologists and nurses, and over the years has done an outstanding job of providing high quality health care while simultaneously furthering the utilization of non-physician providers of all disciplines. Thanks to the vision of Toni and Bob Zeiss and the support of […]

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is one of the largest comprehensive health care systems in the world. Although unique in some regards, it can serve as an ideal laboratory to study the implementation of evidence-based treatments (EBTs) given the abundance of federal funding and top-down administrative support. The VA provides an organized, centralized […]

Abstract Although a substantial proportion of service members returning from a combat deployment report individual emotional and behavioral disorders as well as intimate relationship difficulties, previous studies indicate that only a minority actually seek mental health services. Little is known about factors that predict help-seeking in this population. We first review key findings from the […]

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Since October 2001, more than 2.2 million military personnel have been deployed as part of the war in Afghanistan, known as Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), and the war in Iraq, referred to as Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). These conflicts, the longest since the Vietnam War, have resulted in more than 6,500 fatalities, 48,000 injuries, and […]