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We make the Society’s thought-provoking articles, shared wisdom, and dedication to advancing psychotherapy available to the widest possible audiences of psychotherapists and psychotherapy researchers, educators, supervisors, and trainees.



We create an online community, as the digital arm of the Society, invigorating discussion and fostering the growth of knowledge of psychotherapy.



We partner with Psychotherapy (our premier, peer-reviewed journal) and Psychotherapy Bulletin (our official Society newsletter) to showcase scholarly contributions, commentary, and professional collaborations made to the field of psychotherapy.



We publish web-only Special Features from leaders and frontline practitioners of psychotherapy.



We build bridges and connection. From student members and luminary award-winning members in our Society we are  home for those who champion all aspects of psychotherapy.



Reprint Policies: The website occasionally receives requests for permission to reprint articles, tables, or other data from its issues.  Policy established by the website office states:

1.  For course/classroom use, permission is granted at no charge for one article, provided:

a.  that the permission of the author is obtained;

b.  that full credit is given to the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy Website, including: author, title of both article and publication source, and URL web address.

2.  For other use, such as that requested for use in a book, video, internet publication or other money-making venture, the Division shall charge $10 per page, and the Division reserves all rights, and reserves the right to refuse anyone reprint permission. 

Write for the SAP Website

Are you interested in writing for the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy website?

We are looking for a diverse array of contributors, including undergraduate and graduate students, and professionals in the fields of: psychology, social work, mental health counseling, and education.

Who can write for the SAP website?

As this is a website with content written by psychotherapists for psychotherapists, authors must be pursuing, or currently have, a terminal degree in a psychotherapy-related field. 

Content for the SAP website

All content must be related to the field of psychotherapy theory, research, practice, or policy. 

Topics may include, but are not limited to:
  • Psychotherapy theories, processes, and outcomes
  • Supervision theories, processes, and outcomes
  • The therapeutic relationship
  • Advancing and advocating the practice of psychotherapy
  • Expanding psychotherapy's reach
  • Understanding diversity, race, and ethnicity in psychotherapy
  • Teaching psychotherapy
  • Resources for professionals
  • Resources for students
  • Career development

Check out some of our featured publications here.

Why write for us?

We receive  about 350 views to our site daily. When you publish a web-only Special Feature with SAP, your article will be:

  • Featured on the home page for two weeks
  • Published in our eNewsletter that reaches 3600+ mailboxes
  • Published on Twitter at least twice (~3000 followers)
  • Published on Facebook at least twice (~3000 followers)

In addition, you and any co-authors will be given your own Author Biography page that not only directly links to your personal or professional website, Twitter and Facebook accounts, and biography, but also all publications you've written for the web or Bulletin. See www.societyforpsychotherapy.org/author/amyellis for an example.

Manuscript Preparation:

The SAP Website is open to submissions of all types: empirical studies, literature reviews, case studies, policy articles.


Articles vary in length but usually average between 1000-1500 words.


Titles are limited to 10 words or less. You may elect to have a "sub-title" which must also remain within 10 words.

  • Use APA style
  • Use compelling headings to make the article "skimmable"
  • Use flags and bridges (e.g., "What's important here is...")
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Include a final paragraph titled "Summary" that summarizes the primary points of your article.
  • Avoid overly complicated or technical language

Submission Process:

1. Please email Associate Editor of Website Content,([email protected]), to propose a topic idea.
2. Submission deadline will be agreed upon between Associate Editor and author(s).
3. Submit article via online submission portal: https://sapwebsite.wufoo.com/forms/psychotherapy-website-sap-author-submission-form/
4. Article will be reviewed in 1-2 weeks.
5. Submit revisions via email.
6. If accepted, article will be posted within 3-4 weeks (or less). At that time, additional documents may be requested (e.g., head shot, Twitter handle, etc.).

Sample articles

Below are a few articles that have received a wide reaching audience on our website:




General Correspondence/Questions or Comments?

Please email Associate Editor of Website Content at [email protected].

Internet Editor

Kourtney Schroeder, M.S.

I am the Internet Editor (2020-2022) for APA’s Division 29 (Psychotherapy) website and I was previously the Associate Editor of Website Content (2017-2020). I received my master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and currently working on a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology at Nova Southeastern University. I graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Women’s Studies. I am currently working at Community Healthlink Youth and Family Services as my predoctoral internship.

Associate Editor for Website Content

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Social Media Consultant

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