Development and Current Status of Evidence Based Practice in Psychotherapy with Dr Koocher

 How to select the best therapeutic approach is what mental health clinicians have searched for in the past, are engaging in the present, and will continue to advance in the future. In addition to experts or authorities, more effective practices rely on strong research evidence. Therefore, it is necessary to pay great attention to evidence-basedpractice (EBP). This webinar focuses on EBP in psychotherapy, which infuses clinical work with the best scientific research and helps our patients routinely receive effective research-supported treatment. Dr. Koocher narrated the historical background, developmental process, and current status of EBP in a leisurely and vivid manner. While reviewing the development of EBP, it is equally important to grasp its key principles, discern scientific evidence based treatment, and stay updated on its future advancements through official channels. Click the link for the quiz and the flyer for a QR code

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