Multicultural Suicide Risk Assessment Webinar Featuring

Sherry Molock, Ph.D.

Hosted by the Early Career Professionals Domain of APA Div. 29

Wanting a continuing education opportunity that will really improve the way you do suicide assessments? Look no further, Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy has you covered.

About the Webinar

Suicides have tragically increased in recent years, especially among minoritized youth. Thus, culturally attuned suicide risk assessment is a possibly life-saving professional skill. Join us for this special webinar featuring Dr. Sherry Molock, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at George Washington University. Dr. Molock will discuss trends in suicide risk and best practices for assessing risk in members of minoritized communities.


Friday, April 5, 2024, 12pm – 1pm, EST.


Continuing Education Credit: One (1) CE Credit will be offered to registered members of division 29. Membership is $40/yr (free for students) and here is a link to sign up if you are interested:

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About our Presenter

Dr. Molock’s research focuses on studying the risk and protective factors associated with suicide ideation, suicide intent, and suicide attempts in African American adolescents and college students.  She has developed suicide prevention programs for youth in faith-based communities.  Her early work focused on trying to more clearly identify the role cultural factors play in suicidal behaviors among African American youth. The field of suicidology has generally assumed that suicidal behaviors are universally expressed across all cultural groups or made cross cultural comparisons without examining what particular aspects of culture (e.g., acculturation, ethnic identity, and spirituality) may increase or decrease risk for suicide in a particular cultural group. This work has documented that cultural factors, especially religiosity, serve as protective factors against suicide for Black youth and has encouraged the field to directly assess specific cultural factors and the role they may serve as either risk or protective factors for suicide. Dr. Molock has also done research on help-seeking behaviors, which has been foundational in the development of a suicide prevention program for Black youth in predominantly Black churches. This research has helped ensure that suicide prevention programs for Black youth are contextualized for this at-risk population. Her dual disciplines as a clinical/community psychologist and as an ordained pastor have enabled her to bridge the research and church communities by developing interventions that are accessible and sustainable because they are delivered in a community context that has historically been a source of support to the Black community.

About the Host

The mission of APA’s Division 29 (Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy) is to advance the science, teaching, and practice of psychotherapy. Division 29’s Early Career Professionals Domain seeks to support this mission specifically for trainees and early-career Psychologists. Learn more about what we do here. For any questions related to this webinar or the Early Career Professionals Domain, please contact Dr. Peter Franz (

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