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Recent research shows an  increasing level of distress concerning the climate and environmental crisis (Leiserowitz et al, 2022; Hickman, 2021). This workshop will illuminate the broader context of this crisis, including the embedded sociocultural factors that differentially affect communities and individuals.  We will discuss ways that climate distress, grief and anxiety are showing up clinically, as well […]

We were just teenagers when Earth Day first came about on April 22, 1970. We remember the special celebrations and visions of hope. Fast forwarding to over 50 years later in April 2023, the frightening climate-related nightmares envisioned in the 1970’s, have become our current reality. In most countries, factories are no longer allowed to […]

Apr 18, 2023

This video is an interview with a Certified Eco-therapist, Lezlie Scaliatine. She explores her personal experience during the wildfires of 2017 in California. Dr. Scaliatine also provides a useful starting point for therapists wanting to incorporate issues related to climate change in their work. +260