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Jan 24, 2024

It was one of those mornings after a long wedding weekend. I was happy and excited to meet my therapist and tell her about the fun and exciting events that took place. At that point of my life, waking up happy was a rare experience for me.  This was just a month into the start […]

Jan 16, 2024

At the end of 2023, Alex Siegel, Director of Professional Affairs, Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards, reported that there were 40 jurisdictions (39 effective), out of a total of 55 states and territories, which had adopted and were part of the PSYPACT Commission.  The Psychological Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT) allows for increased access of […]

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Oct 27, 2023

In this article, I will argue that quantitative evidence is not very useful to the practicing psychotherapist and instead most day-to-day clinical decisions are based on unsystematic qualitative evidence. I imagine this argument will be obvious to some in clinical practice and considered blasphemy against clinical science for others. It is a realization I have […]

Marvin Goldfried, PhD, Stony Brook University Allen Frances, MD, Duke University Producer: Alan Kian, MA, York University Marvin Goldfried is a distinguished professor of psychology at Stony Brook University, where he helped to develop the graduate program in clinical psychology—he is the cofounder of the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration. Allen Frances is […]

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We were just teenagers when Earth Day first came about on April 22, 1970. We remember the special celebrations and visions of hope. Fast forwarding to over 50 years later in April 2023, the frightening climate-related nightmares envisioned in the 1970’s, have become our current reality. In most countries, factories are no longer allowed to […]

Apr 18, 2023

This video is an interview with a Certified Eco-therapist, Lezlie Scaliatine. She explores her personal experience during the wildfires of 2017 in California. Dr. Scaliatine also provides a useful starting point for therapists wanting to incorporate issues related to climate change in their work. +260

Psychotherapists strive to provide their clients with the best treatment possible, something highly dependent on our ability to achieve high standards of competence. An important aspect of one’s clinical competence that has received increasing attention in recent years is multicultural competence. It is recognized that a psychotherapist cannot be clinically competent without being multicultural competent […]

Self-Care in the Age of Telepsychology The practice of psychotherapy has changed dramatically in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some changes may be seen as positive for both psychotherapists and their clients. For clients there is the convenience of online psychotherapy, such as no longer needing to take as much time off from work due […]

Long wait lists for mental health treatment are a major barrier to accessing care and have been associated with symptom worsening and dropout. Despite this, individuals who are waiting for treatment represent a unique opportunity for intervention as they have already overcome significant barriers (e.g., stigma) that are involved in reaching out to mental health […]

The use of telepsychology by psychotherapists has increased in recent decades (Glueckauf et al., 2018). It provides greater access to psychotherapy, such as for those who live in areas where needed treatment services are not available and for those who are homebound or who lack access to adequate transportation. It also can be more cost-effective […]