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Psychotherapy publishes a wide variety of articles relevant to the field of psychotherapy. The journal strives to foster interactions among individuals involved with training, practice, theory, and research since all areas are essential to psychotherapy.

This journal is an invaluable resource for practicing clinical and counseling psychologists, social workers, and mental health professionals.

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Psychotherapy Editor

Jesse Owen, Ph.D.

Jesse Owen, PhD is a Professor in the Counseling Psychology Department. He has over 200 publications focused mainly on the process and outcomes of psychotherapy. His specific areas of focus include therapist effects, multicultural orientation, and relationship interventions. He is also the Senior Research Advisor at SonderMind and the lead psychologist at Lifelong where he does assessments and treats clients. Prior to becoming Editor for Psychotherapy, he served as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Counseling Psychology; Psychotherapy; and Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Mike Constantino

Associate Editor

Rayna Markin

Associate Editor

Martin Kivlighan

Associate Editor

Andres Perez-Rojas

Associate Editor

Harold Chui

Associate Editor

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