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Student Mentorship Program

What is the Mentorship Program?

The APA Division 29 mentorship program pairs psychology graduate student with undergraduate students and post-baccalaureate level individuals. Graduate student mentors provide mentees with guidance on key parts of the graduate school process (e.g., writing a personal statement, developing a C.V., discussing research ideas, considering different graduate programs) at four meetings throughout the year. Graduate students can advance their mentoring skills and pay forward the help and advice received in their application process.

What is the Purpose?

Given that Division 29 students attend universities and work at institutions around the world, it can be difficult to network and connect with one another. In addition, undergraduates and postbacs often feel lost or uncertain about the steps to take to decide on graduate education degrees to pursue, to find schools that are right for them, and to find research mentors they are interested in applying to, especially within the field of psychotherapy research. Thus, this mentorship program aims to foster connection and collaboration between undergraduate, postbac, and graduate student members of Division 29 to help mentees gain understanding of the graduate school process and achieve their goals. The program also allows graduate students the opportunity to advance their mentoring skills and discover if this is a role they would like to pursue in the future.  

Who is Eligible?

Any graduate student, undergraduate student, or postbaccalaureate individual who is a student affiliate member of Division 29. If you are not yet a member, please visit our “Join Us” page and enroll in membership prior to completing a mentorship application.


How do You Join?

Visit the relevant link below to fill out a brief mentor or mentee application! After you submit, you will be contacted about your match and given further instructions.

Mentor application

Mentee application

*Please direct any further inquiries to the Chair of the Student Development Committee, Léi Sun, at