Student Resources • List-Serv

The Division 29 Student Listserv has been created specifically for the purpose of generating dialogue among student members of APA’s Division of Psychotherapy.

The listserv is a venue for asking questions, sharing knowledge about internships, programs, schools, etc., posting information or weblinks of interest, and discussing issues related to psychotherapy. Such uses are just examples. Students are invited to take advantage of this tool and use it to best serve their needs, within appropriate bounds.

Student members can join any our Listservs by sending an email to and typing any of the following commands in the body of the email:

  • Join our student members listserv by typing subscribe div29student Your Name in the body of the email. (e.g., subscribe Div29student Jan Doe)
  • You can leave the student listserv by typing unsubscribe div29student Your Name in the body of an email sent to
  • Post to the student Division 29 listserv by sending an email to

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