The Apportionment Ballot will be arriving soon from APA.  This is your chance to make Division 29’s voice heard in the APA Council of Representatives—APA’s governing body.



The Council makes decisions about policy, about APA’s stance on issues, and about the Association’s finances.  It is essential to keep strong representation in Council to ensure that psychotherapy is protected, enhanced, and supported throughout the field, in science, in practice, and in education and training.  Our Council Representatives bring our voice, and we need to make sure that voice is strong.

 What can you do?

When you receive your apportionment ballot, DON’T THROW IT AWAY!  Send it back to APA with your voice coming through loud and clear.


Give all 10 votes to the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy —Division 29.  That gives us the strongest voice possible in APA governance activities and decisions.  If you can’t give all 10 to SAP, please give as many as you can.  Doing so helps ensure that psychotherapy is protected and advanced on the floor of APA Council and in all of APA.

We are counting on you!

Jeffrey Zimmerman, PhD, President
Armand Cerbone, PhD, Past President
Mike Constantino, PhD, President-elect
Lillian Comas Diaz, PhD, Council Representative
Elizabeth Nutt Willians, PhD, Council Representative