2018 • October

Practice-based research, or research that is conducted in naturalistic care settings, often by clinicians, has the potential to advance the science and practice of psychotherapy. Unfortunately, relatively few clinicians are actively involved in conducting research and as a result, much of their clinical wisdom and treatment data are not represented in the scientific literature. There […]

All student members in good standing with the Society are eligible and encouraged to vote for their next Student Representative. Student members of the Society will have until November 30th to cast their ballots. VOTE HERE Carly Schwartzman University at Albany, SUNY Carly M. Schwartzman is a third-year clinical psychology doctoral student at the University […]

My plan was to write this third Presidential Column immediately after APA Convention, so that I could report, first hand, on what was sure to be a satisfying, productive, and festive set of events for our Society. Instead, I am writing with a heavy heart, having had to miss the Convention when my dear cat […]

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Abstract The alliance continues to be one of the most investigated variables related to success in psychotherapy irrespective of theoretical orientation. We define and illustrate the alliance (also conceptualized as therapeutic alliance, helping alliance, or working alliance) and then present a meta-analysis of 295 independent studies that covered more than 30,000 patients (published between 1978 […]

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Increasing numbers of students pursuing college and graduate degrees may face financial challenges, with 85% of students in higher education receiving some form of financial aid through grants and student loans (National Center for Education Statistics, 2015), and many graduating with a minimum of $25,250 in debt (Javine, 2013). As traditional college students are typically […]

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We all tell ourselves stories regarding who we are, who others are, and how the world works. This is no different in psychotherapy, both for the client and the psychotherapist, and for a psychotherapist, this “story” is called theoretical orientation. In the consulting room, it is expected (although often times implicitly), that the client’s story […]

Background In the spring of 2016, a highly debated Colorado bill came across the desk of Governor Hickenlooper, forcing him to make a tough decision. The piece of legislation, Senate Bill 16-269 (SB16-269), set out to solve a specific regulatory concern for hospitals regarding their ability to accept individuals brought to their door on an […]

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Introduction Although I’m a good ten years away from retirement (I hope), I’ve had occasion to talk with and listen to several colleagues who are facing this developmental milestone in the more near future. I’ve pulled together some information for psychologists to consider as they plan for the closing of their practice, whether because of […]

The International Domain established two new awards in 2018: (a) Distinguished Award for International Advancement of Psychotherapy, and (b) International Research Grant for Students and Early Career Professionals. The inaugural recipients of these awards are announced elsewhere in this Bulletin with other Society award winners. The second main activity of the domain was our continuation […]

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