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Psychotherapy Bulletin

2023 Editor’s Column 58(4)

“No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.” -Robert Southey 

Greetings SfAP Membership, 

Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday season! May you be surrounded by loved ones and enjoying time together as the winter sets in during the month of December. As you start to peruse this final issue of the year, I want you to know that there will be several transitions at the Psychotherapy Bulletin starting in 2024. First, is that I will be stepping down from my role as Editor. I have truly enjoyed corresponding with you these past four years. It has been my pleasure to engage with the Division’s leaders, members, and contributors to produce a fun and engaging publication. In her role as Publications and Communications Board Chair, Dr. Amy Ellis has pioneered a way forward to streamline processes related to the Bulletin and the website. This plan, which is sure to make things run more smoothly and efficiently, will involve the definition of new roles and will come as I take some time away for parental leave. I plan to remain active in the SfAP and I am confident in Dr. Ellis and her thoughtful attention to our Division and its publications.  

Also transitioning away from the Bulletin this year are editorial assistants, Kate Axford and Sree Sinha, and internet liaison, Emma Foster. All three have been diligent contributors to the team for years and their work has been tremendous. Thank you to these three folks for dedicating their time and energy to enhancing the quality of our publication. As this group sets off on new adventures, we wish them success and we hope they will become part of the next generation of leaders within the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy. Taking over in a new capacity as, “Editor of Electronic Communications,” will be Dr. Zoe Ross-Nash, current Internet Editor, and productive member within the Division. Amidst all these changes, it is Tracey Martin who is truly to be celebrated for her steady and kind way of relating to each of us and for her vast skillset. The quote above is in reference to Tracey and the Bulletin team, whose worth I am thoroughly persuaded of and whom I will miss corresponding regularly with.  

 Thank you to each of you—authors, members, and readers—for your engagement with the Psychotherapy Bulletin. This issue is full of interesting and informative pieces that we hope you will enjoy and then share more broadly. In addition to our anticipated contribution from Dr. Jeffrey Barnett on Ethics, there are columns from the Membership and Professional Practice Domains, and many others from the larger Division 29 community. We call your attention to the work of Dr. Rochelle Cassells for a piece entitled, “Bronfenbrenner and Psychotherapy: A Tale by an Emerging Clinician” that focuses on integrating perspectives across disciplines to improve multicultural education. I know that the future Bulletin team will continue to seek diverse and multidimensional perspectives that change the existing narrative within our field. 

I look forward to seeing many of you around at conferences and Division events as colleagues and friends. Please direct future Psychotherapy Bulletin inquiries to Dr. Ross-Nash ( and do not be a stranger if you want to collaborate on psychotherapy research projects after spring 2024 ( 

With gratitude, 


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