2024 • March

In this introductory article we provide a brief overview of what Deliberate Practice is and why it matters for psychotherapists. We then present the Sentio Supervision Model, a 7-step Deliberate Practice supervision approach developed by the Sentio Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) program that helps trainers integrate comprehensive skill building into clinical supervision. What is […]

Mar 22, 2024

The Omniscience Psychologist As a psychologist, I typically get one of two responses when I meet someone new and they inquire about my profession. The first is a quick clamor response, as if by speaking I can plunge deeply into their psyche and see parts of themselves they prefer to stay hidden. The second response […]

Division 29 has a commitment to education and training. We provide countless opportunities for student’s to learn, develop, and grow both as future clinicians and experts in the field. This year’s president, Tony Rousmaniere, is offering free mentoring for four lucky student members of the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy (APA Division 29).  Students […]

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Multicultural Suicide Risk Assessment Webinar Featuring Sherry Molock, Ph.D. Hosted by the Early Career Professionals Domain of APA Div. 29 Wanting a continuing education opportunity that will really improve the way you do suicide assessments? Look no further, Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy has you covered. About the Webinar Suicides have tragically increased in recent years, especially among minoritized youth. […]

Psychotherapists working with couples or individuals involved in intimate relationships often receive questions or need to respond to issues related to the use of pornography. These can emerge as a primary or secondary focus of treatment. One specific area where substantial misinformation exists is in the connection between the use of pornography and sexual response/dysfunction […]

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