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Dr. Nicole Fava’s program of research bridges the child maltreatment and sexuality fields from a developmental, trauma-informed, resilience-based framework in order to highlight the importance of protective factors across various environmental contexts to support well-being and sexual health among those who have experienced trauma and/or childhood maltreatment. This is in opposition to the more traditional risk-framework that has dominated both fields and serves to inform others of the strength and personal agency of vulnerable populations. Dr. Fava is especially interested in conducting participant-centered, community-based research examining individual, peer/romantic partner, family and community level factors impacting healthy development in order to inform effective and holistic interventions for youth and families. Dr. Fava joined FIU’s Stempel College and the Center for Children and Families in 2015. She earned her PhD in Social Welfare and MSW from the School of Social Work, University at Buffalo, New York.

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