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2017 Bulletin Editors’ Column 52(3)

Welcome to Fall, and to the first online-exclusive issue of Psychotherapy Bulletin! We hope you enjoy this issue, which offers a variety of articles on topics ranging from emotional closeness in Arab American families to utilizing online media effectively as mental health practitioners to identifying eating disorders in Latina clients in the United States.

We appreciate the energy, enthusiasm, and hard work of our contributors and Society members. At the same time, we recognize that these past months have been, and remain, difficult for so many, in so many different ways. Here at the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy (SAP), we believe in the power of psychotherapy research, practice, and training, and we strive to cultivate thoughtful, nuanced discourse on topics that impact our profession and our world. Both SAP President Jeff Zimmerman and former APA President Pat DeLeon have shared their thoughts about the recent APA Convention and opportunities and challenges facing the field. Dr. Zimmerman has also provided an update on international news and the World Congress of Psychotherapy. Our “Difficult Dialogues” theme continues this issue with articles on White therapist self-disclosure in multicultural contexts, an exploration of meaning-making and difficult dialogues we perhaps need to have with ourselves, and a student-written piece looking at burnout during internship and possible solutions.

Our next deadline is November 1, 2017, and submission guidelines can be found on the website ( Please keep in mind that this will be the final deadline for our “Difficult Dialogues” series. As always, feel free to email Lynett and Cara directly with feedback or your ideas—this is your Bulletin, and we would love for you to be a part of it!


Lynett Henderson Metzger, JD, PsyD
Psychotherapy Bulletin Editor
office: (303) 871-4684

Cara Jacobson, PsyD
Psychotherapy Bulletin Associate Editor
phone: (443) 520-2036

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