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Psychotherapy Bulletin

2020 Bulletin Editor’s Column 55(1)

Greetings Division 29 and SAP Membership! Happy 2020! Along with the start of the new year has come a shift in the team that will lead the charge in the production of the Psychotherapy Bulletin. Thank you to Lynett and Cara for their outstanding service to the Division in their editorial capacities, to Tracey for her continued organizational prowess, and to Kourtney who will serve as the Internet Editor. We (Joanna, Editor; Stephanie, Associate Editor; and Salwa and Kate, Editorial Assistants) are very excited to be part of a such a dynamic publication that is consumed by practitioners and scholars alike. The field of psychotherapy is ever evolving and we hope to present cutting edge pieces that move the discourse forward and engage our readership. It is through your ongoing support and contributions that this will be possible and we hope your voice will be represented in our 2020 editions!

In this first edition of the year, we have many wonderful articles for you to view, a column from our new President, Jennifer Callahan, and statements from the candidates being considered for leadership positions within the Division. Further, we want to formally introduce the special focus for the year, “The Person of the Psychotherapist: What We Bring to the Room.” Our editorial team is comprised largely of psychotherapy process and outcome researchers and it is our intent to increase discussion of the ways our personal, professional, and cultural identities influence our participation in this work. We welcome submissions that fit with this theme and also those that extend beyond it and represent your experiences and curiosities (applied or research focused).

Thank you to all who make the Psychotherapy Bulletin a success (readers, contributors, Division members, and more!). For submission guidelines or to write for the Bulletin, please visit our website ( We do wish to highlight that we are changing our timeline for 2020 submissions starting with the next issue. The updated deadlines will be April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th. Please reach out with questions to and we look ahead to a great year of collaboration!  

Thank you,

Joanna, Stephanie, Salwa, and Kate

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