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Psychotherapy Bulletin

2022 Editor’s Column 57(4)

Dear Division 29 and SAP Membership,

My apologies for the delay in the publication of the December 2022 issue of the Psychotherapy Bulletin. Many of this year’s written contributions, including some in this very issue, have focused on the practice of self-care among psychologists and trainees. This November, I was faced with significant stress related to an illness within my family, and I expressed to the leadership team that I needed more time to complete my editorial responsibilities. In keeping with the values of nurturing the self that have been espoused by scholars writing for the Bulletin, the Division’s leaders met me with support and compassion. I thank them and each of you for your patience as I took time to get my bearings again. Although a few weeks late, I hope you will find this final issue of 2022 to be compelling and filled with engaging, thought-provoking articles that shape your view of our field. 

In the four issues that we have released this year, we have sought to include perspectives from students, faculty, practitioners, and administrators alike. We have accomplished that across the board and appreciate the willingness of authors to engage with the SAP membership through their submissions. In particular, in this Bulletin, there are three articles from domain representatives, one from our dedicated ethics section, and four that are designed features from members of our Division. We call your attention to the farewell address from President Clara Hill and the student contribution from Mira An entitled, “The Supervision Experience for an International Therapist Trainee Working in Her Second Language.” This piece employs a first person perspective and artfully weaves together contemporary literature and self-reflection. In this way and others, we encourage you to view the Bulletin as a venue to give voice to your professional experiences and insights. 

As we approach the start of 2023, we want you to know that we will be streamlining how we disseminate information. The Psychotherapy Bulletin will remain a quarterly publication; however, we intend to actively partner with the website team to display your content across as many mediums as possible. We look forward to the innovative ideas you will express in the new year. The schedule of deadlines for 2023 is as follows: January 15th, April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th. The special focus will be announced in the Editor’s Column of the first issue. If you want to weigh in as we define it, please contact with themes of interest for you to write or read about. 

Thank you, and happy holidays!


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