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...the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of supervision. Sequential supervision training should begin during graduate work and include coursework regarding essential components, models, and research opportunities to supervise, with supervision-of-supervision, followed by observation and assessment to gauge supervision competence (Falender, Ellis,... Search hits: 94 in body, 1 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 26839.62

...performance of self-reflection in supervision includes engaging with corrective supervisory feedback about oneself and one’s performance is required for effective supervision. Viewing “not knowing” as a valued trainee role in supervision may decrease anxiety about revealing vulnerability or lack of... Search hits: 67 in body, 1 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 19051.09

...supervision that enhances accountability and is applicable to all supervision models, including those that are psychotherapy and supervision theory-based. The APA (2014) Guidelines for Clinical Supervision of Health Service Psychologists define competency-based supervision as: a metatheoretical approach that explicitly identifies... Search hits: 58 in body, 1 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 16753.75

...years, however, the awareness of the importance of supervision has increased quickly, and professional organizations have promoted supervision training, as necessary, and developed a Clinical and Counseling Registration System that promotes and regulates supervision training for those who want to... Search hits: 49 in body, 4 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 14736.58

...consisted of creating a supervision agreement at the start of the supervision process and using a supervision agenda, effective communication and feedback, and building a positive supervisory relationship (Martin et al., 2014). Another optimal central component addressed in this example... Search hits: 43 in body, 2 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 12495.27

...which of the 11 sequences epitomize a relational focus in supervision (i.e., “process-oriented supervision”) and whether greater use of these sequences would predict a relatively stronger supervisory alliance. To do so, we used the feedback from expert supervision researchers to... Search hits: 42 in body, 0 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 11878.91

Apr 15, 2019

Introduction To be in supervision for beginner therapists is a nerve-racking experience, which has the capacity to change the life of the trainee. Hyde (2015) describes beginner therapists as intelligent, gifted, and successful individuals who in supervision face scrutiny, which... Search hits: 39 in body, 0 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 11038.43

Dec 4, 2016

...Systems Approach Dr. Elizabeth Holloway spoke about supervision essentials for a Systems Approach to Supervision. From her point of view, the heart of clinical supervision is the relationship between the supervisor and supervisee. Her systems approach to supervision conceptualizes this... Search hits: 35 in body, 0 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 10141.9

...have received formal training in clinical supervision. This would include didactic training, supervision of one’s own supervision, and ongoing professional development and training. At times, the provision of clinical supervision to trainees may be included as a part of a... Search hits: 29 in body, 1 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 8629.02

Pre-practicum (PP) supervision is counseling trainees’ first introduction to the tremendously complex and comprehensive process of supervision. Supervision is vital for counseling trainees’ professional development as it is one of their first steps towards the development of competence as psychotherapists... Search hits: 29 in body, 1 in tags, 0 in comments. Score: 8629.02