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An Introduction to the Special Section on Psychotherapy for Pregnancy Loss

Review of Issues, Clinical Applications, and Future Research Direction


This introduction article to the special section on psychotherapy for pregnancy loss reviews important societal and psychological issues, key clinical processes and recommendations, and future research directions. Differences and similarities among the articles in the special section are discussed along with each article’s contribution to the higher order goal of viewing pregnancy loss through a psychological rather than solely medical lens. Each article in this section reviews different therapeutic modalities, interventions, and key clinical process issues when working with patients who have suffered the loss of a pregnancy. The important role that psychotherapy can play in helping parents to mourn the loss of a pregnancy is explored in this introductory article and throughout the special section.

Keywords: reproductive loss, disenfranchised grief, miscarriage, perinatal grief, psychotherapy for pregnancy loss

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Markin, R. D. (2017). An introduction to the special section on psychotherapy for pregnancy loss: Review of issues, clinical applications, and future research direction. Psychotherapy, 54(4), 367–372.



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