Board of Directors Statement on Diversity

The Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy values and honors diversity (as defined in the APA ethics code) in its Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, committees, as well as in its membership. We work to create and maintain an inclusive environment that welcomes the perspectives and voices of all participants. We recognize the contributions of all and that diversity strengthens the work we do. Our honoring of diversity extends to the products, projects, publications, convention programming, awards, and grant programs generated by the Society.

The Society respectfully acknowledges that unintentional bias and discrimination has occurred in our past. In recent years we have worked to understand and learn more about diversity and inclusion and have deliberately made this awareness an important part of our division on a structural and organizational level. As an example, every 3 years our board members engage in diversity training.  We integrate intentionality about relational factors that promote greater inclusion of all voices, for example, by pausing for process and culture checks in our meetings. Our board structure includes two diversity domain representatives who are voting members of the board. We wish to strengthen our commitment to diversity by addressing this past and ensuring that the future of the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy is informed by cultural knowledge, sensitivity, humility and awareness.

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