Web-only Feature

Web-only Feature

Welcome to Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy’s New Website

A year ago we asked the members of Division 29 to give us their opinions about our website. Although respondents told us that they saw promise in our efforts to date, we heard loud and clear that we could design a more effective and engaging site for our Society. Growing out of that feedback came a new mission for the Society’s website.

Our Mission

Through our website, societyforpsychotherapy.org, we aim to make the Society’s thought-provoking scholarly contributions, shared wisdom, and dedication to advancing psychotherapy available to the widest possible audiences of psychotherapists and psychotherapy researchers, educators, supervisors, and trainees.

As the digital arm of the Society, we create online community, invigorate discussion, and foster the growth of knowledge of psychotherapy. Here are the three major ways that we attempt to make good on that goal.

1 - The Society's Website is a Publishing Partner

We partner with Psychotherapy and Psychotherapy Bulletin to showcase scholarly contributions, commentary, and professional collaborations made to the field of psychotherapy. On our site you’ll find free Psychotherapy articles available for download. You’ll also find recent Psychotherapy Bulletin articles on the site, in addition to an ever-growing archive of previous editions of the Bulletin.

2 - The Society’s Website is an Online Publisher

We publish online-only Special Features from thought leaders and frontline practitioners of psychotherapy. Our Special Features aim to provide additional context to recent scholarly publications, serve as resources for enduring aspects of our field, and bring fresh and thoughtful perspectives to our Society.

3 - The Society's Website Creates a Home for Those Dedicated to Psychotherapy

We build bridges and connection through our website and social media. From student members to luminary award-winning members in our Society, we are home for those who champion all aspects of psychotherapy. You’ll find news and announcements about our Society on our website, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Become Involved in Our Online Society

We have much planned for our new website. For now, we invite you to become a part of its success. Share it with colleagues and students, and consider getting involved with the Society. And, as always, let us know how we are doing. Amy Ellis, PhD, the Associate Editor for Website Content for Division 29, and I welcome your thoughts and ideas.

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