APA Annual Convention Division Programming (2018)

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

**Denotes that CE credits are available.

RCT Data on Psychotherapy with Transgender Clients: Feasibility, Outcomes, and Minority Stress (ID: 1192)**

Lead Submitter: Stephanie Budge, PhD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 160

Supervision: Master Supervisors Show & Discuss Their Supervision Session Videos (ID: 1185)**

Lead Submitter: Arpana G Inman, PhD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 215

Division 29: Poster Session I (ID: 1229)

Location: Moscone Center – Halls A,B,C
Reducing Anger in Men Following an Imagined Infidelity Transgression; Daniel Lydon, MA
COMPASS: An Integrated, Evidence-Informed Psychotherapy for Maternal Mental Health; Karen L. Steinberg, PhD
A Preliminary Examination of Coaching Effects in Telehealth Interventions; Cara L. Solness, BS
Take It to the Limit: Revisiting the Impact of Session Limits on Psychotherapy Outcomes; Jeremy J. Coleman, MA
A Meta-Analysis of Supervisor Effects on Client Outcomes; Brian TaeHyuk Keum, MA
Therapist Attachment: Relationships to Observer Ratings of Empathy and Ruptures; Cheri L. Marmarosh, PhD
Real Relationship; Brett L. Opelt, MS
Attachment Insecurity As a Predictor of Expectations for Couple Therapy; Hannah K. Muetzelfeld, MEd
Navigating Difficult Diversity Dialogues: Trainees’ Experiences With Inpatient Group Therapy; Chelsea Atlas, MEd
The Implications of Social Media and Social Comparison on Body Image in Therapy; Daniella M. Vasquez, MA
Anger and Aggression Treatments for Domestic Violence Perpetrators: A Meta-Analytic Review; Kathryn McGill, MA
The Effectiveness of CBT-Based Mobile Application on Mental Health; Yourim Kim, BA
A Trip Down Memory Lane: Nostalgic Recall As a Way to Reduce Depressive Symptomology; Ashley C. DeMarco, PhD
Attenuating Trauma Symptoms in Borderline Personality Disorder Using Canine Therapy; Stacy J. Kim, BA
Integrating Heart Energy Into Psychotherapy and Performance Enhancement: Heart-Assisted Therapy; John H. Diepold, PhD
Prediction of Client Outcomes From Therapist Attachment Orientation; Derek D. Caperton, MS
Personality and Impulsivity As Predictors of Differentiation of Self; Keoshia Harris, BA
Leveraging Machine Learning for Training Basic Therapy Skills; Michael J. Tanana, PhD
Effectiveness, Satisfaction, and Feasibility of a Mobile Health Application for Distress; Jade Clemons, MS
Do Clinical Supervision Process Outcomes Predict Client Outcomes?; Alyssa Clements-Hickman, MS
The Effects of Reflections and Confrontations During Emotion Coregulation in Psychotherapy; Christina S. Soma, BA
In Here and Out There: Systemic Alliance and Intersession Processes in Psychotherapy; Amy D. Smith, BA
Intersession Processes: Development and Testing of a New Systemic Measure; Kelley Quirk, PhD
Effects of Equine-Assisted Activities on Medical Students’ Depression Levels and Stress Relief; Pressley A. Chakales, BS
Closing a Private Practice: A Model for Ethical Closure; Jean M. Birbilis, PhD
A Qualitative Meta-Analysis of Therapists’ Experiences: Conducting Empowering Psychotherapy; Bediha Ipekci, MS
Evaluating the Efficacy of a Brief Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Group Through Technology; Jennifer A. Schager, MA
Is the Grass Greener? Comparing Burnout Between Graduate-Level and Professional Clinicians; Craig A. Warlick, MS
Is Consultant Perception of Therapist Skill During Consultation Associated With Patient Outcomes?; Jansey Lagdamen, BS
The Suicidal Mind and How to Help; Michelle A. Blose, MS
Being in Private Practice: Therapist Needs, Struggles, and Myths; Barbara L. Vivino, PhD
Master Therapists: A Qualitative Meta-Analysis of Wisdom Characteristics; Len Jennings, PhD

Existential-Humanistic Therapy as a Basis for Effective Therapy: Are Training Directors Listening? (ID:1183)**

Lead Submitter: Kirk Schneider, PhD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 216

Keeping Psychologists in the Driver’s Seat: Multiple Perspectives on Quality Improvement (ID: 1190)**

Lead Submitter: Caroline Vaile Wright, PhD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 104
Co-Listing Divisions: 12, 17, APA CECP, APAGS

When Faith Matters More than Sexual Orientation: Challenges in Ethics, Training, and Psychotherapy (ID: 1181)**

Lead Submitter: Armand R Cerbone, PhD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 159
Co-Listing Divisions: 12, 17, 44, CSOGD

Clinical Supervision Around the Globe: Culture, Values and Best Practice (ID:1182)**

Lead Submitter: Carol Falender, PhD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 214

Friday, August 10th, 2018

**Denotes that CE credits are available.

Psychotherapy Relationships that Work: Translating Meta-Analytic Results into Clinical Practices (ID:1178)**

Lead Submitter: John C. Norcross, PhD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 104

Self-Care in the Seasons of a Psychology Career: Ethics and Best Practices (ID:1180)**

Lead Submitter: Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 216
Co-Listing Divisions: 12, 17, 42, APA Ethics Committee

Deliberate Practice and the Expertise-Development Model of Supervision and Consultation (ID: 1177)

Lead Submitter: Rodney K Goodyear, PhD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 152
Co-Listing Divisions: 13

Case Formulation as a Tool for Individualizing Psychotherapy (ID: 1186)**

Lead Submitter: George Silberschatz, PhD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 306

Division 29: Poster Session II (ID: 1231)

Location: Moscone Center – Halls A,B,C
Understanding Chinese Overseas Students’ Sociocultural Adaptation; Na Fu, PhD
A Joint Perspective on Chinese International Students’ Mental Health; Hui Xu, PhD
Supervisor Training in China: Current Status, Challenges, and Future; Feihan Li, PhD
Chinese School Administrators’ and Mental Health Teachers’ Perspectives About Student Mental Health; Linyuan Deng, PhD
Prevalence of Mental Health Concerns Among Chinese International Students; Xiang Zhou, MA
Training Professional Chinese Counselors: Challenges and Strategies; Dong Xie, PhD
Progressive Positive Cognitive Reasoning Therapy: A New Therapeutic Approach; Akshay Kumar, PhD, MA
Expanding the Realm of Possibilities: Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Anxiety Disorders; Mirela A. Aldea, PhD
No Shows and No Appointments: Managing Stigma and Promoting Psychotherapy for Asian Pacific Americans; Kayoko Yokoyama, PhD
Emotion Regulation, Mental Health, and Counseling Worldwide: Current Research and Future Directions; Yuye Zhang, MSW The Development and Initial Validation of the Therapist Cultural Comfort Scale; Jazmin M. Gonzalez, MEd
Who Is Leading During Some Brilliant Moments in Psychotherapy Sessions?; Xiubin Lin, MA
Graduate Student Perceptions of PCOMS in Clinical Training: A Qualitative Approach; Jennifer A. Schager, MA
Understanding Enmeshment in Arab American Mother–Child Relationships; Nour M. Abdelghani, MA
The Applicability of Client Feedback to Psychotherapy in South Korea; Sang-Hee Hong, MA
The Role of Therapist Multicultural Competence on Therapeutic Alliance and Treatment Outcomes; Minnah W. Farook, MA, EdS
The Meaning of Bilingualism in Therapy; Tania Valente, MA
Cultural Conversations in Therapy; Patty B. Kuo, MEd
The Effects of Multicultural Discussions and Supervisory Working Alliance on Counseling Competence; Jarice N. Carr, PhD
Personality and Psychological Flexibility Around One’s Body As Predictors of Self-Esteem; Keoshia Harris, BA
The Therapeutic Alliance in Couple Therapy: The Role of Goal Matching; Amy D. Smith, BA
Practicing Post 11/09/16; Jean M. Birbilis, PhD
Chinese Elementary Students’ Perceptions of Classroom Factors: Implications for Clinical Services; Beilei Li, PhD
Psychoeducation and Training in China: Lessons Learned in Cultural Adaptation; Shitao Chen, PhD
Supervisors’ Ethical Practices: Effects on Supervision Process and Outcome; Ha Yan An, PhD
Effect of Psychotherapy on Prison Inmates Rehabilitation in Ondo State of Nigeria: Counseling Implication; Adijat Bola Adams, PhD, MEd

Division 29: Business Meeting-Journal Editorial Board Lunch (ID: 1232)

Location: Marriott Marquis – Pacific Room B

Division 29: Awards (ID: 1233)

Location: Marriott Marquis – Yerba Buena Salons 5 & 6

Division 29: Awards Reception-AKA Social Hour (ID: 1234)

Location: Marriott Marquis – Yerba Buena Salons 5 & 6

Saturday, August 11th, 2018

**Denotes that CE credits are available.

Personalizing Mental Health Care through Disruptive, Evidence-Informed Innovations to Psychotherapy (ID 1187)**

Lead Submitter: Michael J Constantino, PhD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 206
Co-Listing Divisions:12, 17, 42, APA CECP, APAGS

Pulling Psychotherapy Into the Big Data Research Era (ID: 1195)**

Lead Submitter: Stevan Lars L Nielsen, PhD
Location:Moscone Center – Room 307
Co-Listing Divisions:43

Social Hour: Luncheon with the Masters (ID: 1235)

Location: Marriott Marquis – Golden Gate Room C2

Client-focused Psychotherapy Research: Advancing Our Understanding of Process and Outcome in Therapy (ID:1184)**

Lead Submitter: Jairo N Fuertes, PhD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 206

Evidence-Based Responsiveness: Personalizing Psychotherapy to the Individual Patient (ID: 1179)**

Lead Submitter: John C. Norcross, PhD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 214
Co-Listing Divisions:12, 17, 42, APA CECP, APAGS

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

**Denotes that CE credits are available.

Considerations for Providing Excellent Supervision: From Social Justice to Deliberate Practice (ID: 1194)**

Lead Submitter: Robert J Reese, PhD
Location:Moscone Center – Room 307

Hope in Psychotherapy: Therapist and Client Perspectives (ID: 1193)**

Lead Submitter: Theoodore T. Bartholomew, PhD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 208 Sunday

Social Class in Psychotherapy Research: Considerations for Measurement, Design, and Analysis (ID: 1186)**

Lead Submitter: Mindi N Thompson, PhD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 207

Did That Just Happen? Responding to Microaggressions Committed by Psychotherapy Clients in Session (ID: 1176)

Lead Submitter: Melisa Martinez, MA
Location: Moscone Center – Room 205 Sunday
Co-Listing Divisions: 45, 56

Multicultural Psychotherapy Research in College Mental Health (ID: 1191)**

Lead Submitter: Allison J Lockard, PhD
Location: Moscone Center – Room 310
Co-Listing Divisions: 45

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