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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Division, It’s Benefits, and Resources

SAP 101

Recently became a member and need a place to get started? Renewed your membership but wondering how to make the most out of it? Thinking about becoming a member, but feel overwhelmed? This article is aimed at sharing all the ins and outs and getting you acquainted with the division. And as always, if there are ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Membership Domain.

Purpose & Goals of the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy (SAP)


  • Addresses the unique needs of psychotherapists and psychotherapy researchers, educators, supervisors, and trainees interested in advancing the field of psychotherapy
  • Is devoted to helping the profession and practice of psychotherapy survive and thrive
  • Is a home for all psychotherapists and psychotherapy researchers, educators, supervisors, and trainees

If you’re interested in reading more, please check out our bylaws: https://societyforpsychotherapy.org/members/member-portal/documents/

Who We Are – Elected Positions

SAP is made up of the following elected positions: officers, council representatives, and domain representatives.

Officers are elected members of the Board that includes the President, President-elect, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Council representatives are elected members that serve on the APA Council of Representatives, they represent the interests of the Society to the larger organization.

Domain Representatives are elected members who oversee a particular area of professional focus. We have eight domains:

Who We Are – Appointed Positions

Committee Chairs are appointed by the President and approved by the Board. Committees fall under the purview of each domain.

The Publications & Communications Board oversees all of the Division’s publications and communications/social media:

For a full list of the Board, Council Representatives, Domain Representatives, Committee Chairs, and Publication Board members please visit: https://societyforpsychotherapy.org/members/boards/

More About Our Publications

Psychotherapy Journal

Psychotherapy Bulletin


  • New and original content is published every 2 weeks on Sundays
  • To read new articles published by the website:

Stay Connected

We want to stay connected to you! Follow us on social media and join our various listservs.

Social Media

Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We publish all of our Bulletin and web-only articles, as well as share content from other organizations and agencies about psychotherapy.

Listservs & Newsletters

We have two listservs for our members:

  • Div29 is for member-to-member contact. Use this listserv to ask for referrals, spark a conversation around a psychotherapy topic, or share information and resources.
  • Div29announce is for governance-to-member contact. We use this to share information, publications, and news with our members.
  • To learn more about how to join our listservs, visit: https://societyforpsychotherapy.org/members/member-portal/list-serv/

We also have our newsletter sign up, which will get the Bulletin and web-only content delivered to your inbox in newsletter form. This is open to all individuals, regardless of membership.

Awards & Grants for Members

Another benefit of membership is our extensive list of grants and awards available. Check out our full (and always growing) list of awards that you can nominate your colleagues for, or self-nominate,  as well as grants that you can apply to: https://societyforpsychotherapy.org/members/awards/

You may also want to pop by these pages to see past award and grant winners!

Student Member Resources

Who would we be without our students? For our students, we have several resources. This includes a Student Development Committee, awards and grants, and a specific student listserv.

Be sure to visit our website where we have specific content geared towards students and trainees:

Looking to Get More Involved?

Join a committee. Committees are always looking for members to get more involved. Reach out to Committee Chairs or Domain Representatives if you’re looking to be more active in the Division. You can find their contact information here: https://societyforpsychotherapy.org/members/boards/

Write for one of our publications. You can submit pieces to the journal, Bulletin, or website. It’s a great way to gain visibility in the Division and network.

Apply for a grant or award. If you’re doing great work in the field, or need some seed money to get started/continue doing great work, apply for one of our grants or awards.

Check out our programming at APA. We always have a great line-up of programming at our APA Conventions. Not only do we have state-of-the-art continuing education presentations, we also host a social hour, business meeting, and other opportunities for networking. Be sure to check out our programming which usually comes out in April for the August convention: https://societyforpsychotherapy.org/category/news-announcements/conference-announcements/

Speak up on the listserv. Our member-to-member div29 listserv is an excellent way to bridge connections, learn, and feel that sense of community. More about our listservs: https://societyforpsychotherapy.org/members/member-portal/list-serv/

Be sure to get a copy of our newsletters. Stay up to date on psychotherapy as it relates to research, practice, and advocacy. Anyone can join our newsletter email list: https://societyforpsychotherapy.org/sign-up-for-our-societys-electronic-newsletter/

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Dr. Amy E. Ellis is an Assistant Professor and the Director of the Trauma Resolution & Integration Program (TRIP) at Nova Southeastern University. She provides training and consultation on the provision of trauma-informed affirmative care and treating complex clinical cases. She is also has a private practice with a clinical focus in treating trauma, eating disorders, and personality disorders, and a special niche focusing on trauma-informed affirmative care for the LGBTQ+ community. She is a Consulting Editor on three of APA’s journals and recently served as Guest Editor of APA Division 42’s journal Practice Innovations on a special issue focusing on the role of evidence-based relationship variables in psychotherapy with sexual and gender minority individuals. Her current clinical and research interests focus on underserved populations who have increased exposure and risk to trauma (i.e., men, LGBTQ+, racial and ethnic minorities), tailoring evidence-based trauma treatments to these populations, and training and supervision in the field of trauma. She is currently the co-Principal Investigator of a large national grant funded through the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute focusing on the effectiveness of a peer-delivered online motivational interviewing intervention for GBTQ+ men with histories of sexual trauma.

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    I completed the application to join as a non-APA-member affiliate; PayPal let me pay the $40 for membership but I didn’t receive a confirmation email or anything like that…just wondering the best way for me to access the Psychotherapy journal, etc. Thanks!


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