Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy Procedures for Continuing Education Grievances

The Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy complaint procedure is modeled after similar guidelines found in APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists for addressing questionable ethical behavior. It represents a stepped process for handling complaints at the earliest possible point and steadily graduates to higher levels of authority and responsibility in the Society if the complaint warrants such action.

  1. The first step for addressing any complaint is to seek to resolve the complaint directly and expeditiously with the person or program involved. If the complaint is person specific, as in a presenter, the complainant is encouraged to address the concerns with the person and seek resolution there first. For a program or other concern that is not person specific, the complainant is directed to speak to the program proctor or Society representative who is present at all CE programming to seek resolution. In most cases, problems/complaints are rectified here.
  2. If the complaint is not resolved, the CE Chair is contacted directly. Society staff will assist the complainant in making such contact, and complainants may contact the Division at 602-363-9211, or at The CE Chair will then endeavor to resolve the complaint to everyone’s satisfaction expeditiously. All complaints are directed to the CE chair, who will investigate and provide a resolution to the complaint. The Society 2015 CE Chair is Dr. Tony Rousmaniere,
  3. If the complaint is still not resolved or the complainant is still not satisfied, the complaint will brought to the Society President by the CE Chair for resolution and finally, should the complaint still not be resolved, it will be brought to the Society Board of Directors for final resolution. The Society Board will seek counsel from APA in reference to any complaint that cannot be resolved at this stage.